The Secret Life of a Spiritual Warrior – Part 2

photo (2)She woke to a quiet household.  The cats followed her down the stairs and ran to their bowls expectantly.  She twitched the curtains open to windows full of fall colours. Leaves of red, orange and yellow were bouncing wildly in the tree branches against a gloomy sky of leaden grey.  It has been an unsettling week.  She had spent the week looking for work and following news reports about the Ebola outbreak, a shoot-out in Canada’s parliament, and strong solar flares.

She filled her cup with hot coffee and sat cross legged on the couch.  She gave herself permission to pull away from the material world; to put the hunt for work on hold; to resist the pull of newspapers and social media.  She closed her eyes and focused on her breathing. With each inhalation, she imagined red energy from the earth filling her body.  With each exhalation, she let anger, fear and anxiety drain out of her body and into the earth.

She focused on the solar flares; thought about all of the energy available from them.  She allowed her body to fill with that energy – seeing it as white and luminescent – and then directed it down into the earth with prayers of healing for the earth itself.  She thought of those close to her in need of healing; her mother who is lost in her own mind with dementia; her father who is experiencing Angina, her aunt, a cousin, and a close friend. For each one, she allowed her body to fill with while light, and then directed the light to them through her solar plexus.  With each person, she focused her intentions; she offered the white light with love, to be received or not as each person saw fit, for healing in whatever form that took.

She turned her thoughts and prayers to the wider world.  She focused on those dealing with Ebola; exhausted doctors and nurses; men, women and children sick, terrified, grief-stricken or lost in despair.  With each exhalation, she sent the white light with prayers for strength and courage, hope and healing; for whatever those people need.  She felt the enormity of the healing needed in these places and felt the limits of her own prayer.  She thought of others that she knows around the world – Sue in the UK, Pam in the US, Alarna in Australia – and imagined a net of light connecting all of them.  She found herself thinking how powerful the prayers could be if she and others around the world joined forces to pray for healing at the same time.  And she was filled with hope.

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The Secret Life of a Spiritual Warrior – Part I

Visual from arose before dawn and moved quietly through the house. It was dark outside and the rain was pelt against the windows. She did the dishes while the coffee dripped through the machine. With hot mug in hand, she sat cross-legged on the couch. After a few sips of coffee, she settled into position; legs crossed, hands on knees, back straight, jaw relaxed.

She let her mind drop down into the earth, visualized the red energy at the centre of the earth, and allowed it to fill her body with each breath. The voice of her teacher resonated in her head, “Don’t pull the energy; be receptive to it; be the receptive container; allow the energy to fill you.” With each inhalation, her body filled with the transformative red energy of the mother earth. Each exhalation washed away her fears, her anxiety, her grief and despair.

In her mind, she stood over her own body, which was stretched out on the floor, with a crystal wand in her hand. Her healing self used the crystal wand to cleanse each of her seven chakras. She spun the crystal over her own pelvis and visualized pure red light spinning there. Using the wand, she picked up any dark energy and released it to the ground.  She repeated this for each chakra; visualizing orange light above her belly, yellow above her solar plexus, green above her heart, blue above her throat, violet above her third eye, and white at the top of her head.

She had not done this for a very long time. She had been trained well; she knew how to heal her self and others, but she seldom took the time to use her skills. A modern woman living in a speedy age; working on a computer several hours a day; multi-tasking all of the time. It was hard to find the time….It was harder to quieten the mind. But more importantly, it was hard believe in the power of the old teachings.

It was easier to believe in the power when she was part of a circle; when she participated in healings while seated in a circle of women chanting and drumming together.  She had been the recipient of one of these healings and knew the power they had to change one’s life.  But faith is hard to hold on to in a material world; harder to hold when removed from a spiritual community.  And it had been decades since she felt part of such a community.

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The Hammock

The Hammock, July 2014-KPThe hammock 

hangs in the dark corner of the yard

under the Catalpa tree


I surrender

draping myself on its white woven ropes

legs curled and arms splayed

staring toward the sky.

I give myself

to the lazy rocking motion

on this hot summer day

lulled into my senses.

Out of my head

lost in heart-shaped leaves

that glow emerald green

with captured sunlight.

I close my eyes

listen to the chir of an insect

the tinkling of water in the pond

the rustling of leaves in the wind.

I am here

out of my head and out of my mind

in my body and in the moment

quiet, still and peaceful.

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Summer Solstice

Sunset on Water - 2014 - KP

Four women gather at dusk

two mothers and four daughters 

to mark the longest day. 

They sit upon the earth  

in a circle formed with candles

 enveloped in darkness.

They pass from hand to hand

a bowl with cedar, sage and sweet grass 

and bathe in the fragrant smoke. 

They call upon the powers

the four elements, the eight directions

and the nine sacred gifts.

They offer up their prayers

for the People,  for the Planet

from deep within their souls.

They put energy into their prayers

with voices woven into harmonies

and intentions fueled by love.

Four women gather at dusk

Two mothers and four daughters

to mark the longest day.

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Morning Worship

Goldfish in Water Garden, June 2014-KPShe walks in bare feet

through dew-laced grass

naked feet on moist earth

and sighs with her whole body.

She watches shiny orange bodies

in green brown water

cluster around the bubbling water

lips kissing the water’s surface.

She watches as flying gold bodies

flit in to steal small black seeds

from tubular man-made devices

boldness born of ceaseless hunger.

She sighs into the morning stillness

inhales the sweet smell of whiteflowers

that perch on long delicate stems

under the cypresstree.

She quiets her mind

opens her senses

fills her heart with emerald light

and begins another day.

Goldfinch at feeder, June 2014-KP

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